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Girls' Catchment Area
Distances are verified by the London Borough of Sutton using a Geographical Information System (GIS) computer program.

Wallington Girls

 Catchment circle is within a 6.7 km radius of the main entrance to the School building 


Up to 110 places linked to their catchment area circle within a 5.25 km or less from the front door of Nonsuch measured in a straight line. 

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At Tuition Tutors we offer tuition for the National Curriculum, 11+,  grammar and independent schools.  Because children start the tuition process at differences academic levels, our classes offer different options as outlined below:

English Comprehension (1 hour)

This class will include comprehension skills, reading, vocabulary, spelling and general knowledge.

English Writing (1 hour)

This class will focus on fiction & non-fiction writing, grammar, punctuation and spelling. 

English Comprehension+Writing (1 hour)

This combined comprehension & writing classes are for children who score in the top 30% on our assessments. This option is not on the form. Children will be directed to this group based on the assessment.

Concept Maths (1 hour)

This class focuses on maths topics. 

  • Addition and Subtraction; Algebra; Fractions, 
  • Decimals and Percentages
  • Geometry – properties of shapes and position and movement
  • Measurement – metric units, area, perimeter
  • Measurement – time and roman numerals
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Number and Place Value
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Statistics

The aim is to help children grasp the foundation of all maths topics so that they are able to problem solve. Without a strong foundation, children are unlikely to grasp advance maths. 

Advanced Maths (1 hour)

This class is only open to children who have mastered 'Concept Maths'. Children in this group are academically above expected levels at school.

Maths Concept + Advanced combined (1 hour)

This combined maths classes are for children who score in the top 30% on our assessments. This is option is not on the form. Children will be directed to this group after based on the assessment.

Booster classes:

Booster classes run every holiday (except Christmas). These classes help to bridge the academic gap. These classes are in person only.

They are not compulsory but as children in the above classes are below 11+ levels, they are highly recommended.

1:1 Holiday Lessons:

One to one are an option for some parents. However, we have at leat a year's waiting list.  1-2-1 are available during holiday periods.