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In 2000 I opened an Educational bookshop in Wallington selling educational resources and niche books for the 11+ exam and SATS. Before long, we expanded the bookshop to accommodate a tuition area and a tuition agency. 

When I transitioned from a bookshop to full-time tutoring, I started using the name Tuition Tutors and not Educational Resources as mentioned in the testimonials.


I just want to say thank you!!! My son, Joseph only started with you at Easter but you were still able to help him achieve an entrance to Wilson's school. It was really hard work for him but you were both determined and he is now so happy. Once again thank you very much!!!

S Chrysostomou

With 7 months to go prior to the exam, I found Educational Resources. We began an intensive program of Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning and I say we because it involved me also supporting my child daily with her homework. My daughter attended group sessions and had a few 1-2-1 sessions. In November my daughter sat the entrance exam for Nonsuch and Wallington Girls and in March we learned that she had obtained a place at Nonsuch High School - our first choice school. She scored highly in the top 50 and was the only girl to get a place from her school. I would recommend Educational Resource to every parent I meet for an honest evaluation of your child and excellent teaching and support through the 11+ process. They are very knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy and we could never have done it without them. My only regret is that I did not find her sooner.

Mrs D Morgan

I am writing to let you know that Alice has been offered a substantial Academic Scholarship at Old Palace School, which we have decided to accept...We also received offers from Wallington, Croydon High and Wimbledon High, but have opted for Old Palace, as the offer from them was simply too good to turn down. I am sure that your tutoring played a significant role in Alice achieving this abundance of offers and am writing to thank you once again for the time and effort you invested in helping her throughout Year 5.


We would highly recommend Joyce and her team as tutors not only for the 11+ exams but also for the support and time they give to answer questions from anxious parents like we were. It was very challenging, especially with our son, who got admission into the school of his dreams - ​Wilson's after being tutored by Joyce and her team. She does not only tutor them but prepares them to stand on their own two feet. Our older daughter was tutored by Joyce and she is in her second year at Wallington Girls (first choice). Our advice is not to leave everything to the last minute but to start tuition with Joyce as early as possible so the pressure on both the parents and the child is reduced. Words cannot express our in-depth gratitude. Thank you once again.

Kofi & Roseline

My daughter had a tutor for nearly a year, but a few months to the 11+ test I wasn’t at all satisfied with her progress, judging from her scores from some of the sample test papers. After expressing my concern to my closest friend, she introduced me to Joyce (at Educational Resources) and I never looked back. The whole family was ecstatic when she got (a top 50 place) into Nonsuch in September 2008, after being at Educational Resources for a very short time (2 months). My son also had tuition with Joyce, and is now going to Wilson’s (his first choice) in September this year (2010). Joyce’s teaching methods are very unique, and she definitely has what it takes to get the best out of the children. She is very dedicated and experienced and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her to other parents.

Jacquie & Kwasi

My son just received acceptance to Wilson's our first choice school. We are absolutely delighted! We were very fortunate to have been recommended to Joyce by a friend. On initial meeting it put us at great ease because of her obvious skills and expertise in tutoring children for grammar school places. Throughout the whole tuition experience, she displayed a thoroughness of what my son's standard was and what areas needed to be improved on, as well as how he could work to develop and fine tune his stronger skills. The entrance exams are stressful time given the sheer number of kids applying. So I would strongly recommend that you consider Educational Resources, with Joyce and her team, as you will be rest assured by the quality and expertise to aid your child to succeed.


My son had a tutor for 6 months but I wasn't happy with the little progress he was making. He moved to Educational Resources with only 6 months to go. Joyce made no promises other than "to work him hard". Aidan attended small group support followed by 1:1 tuition and the odd all-day subject boosters. I have no doubt that without his determination to succeed and Joyce's commitment to covering everything needed for the boys tests (in great detail!) He would not have passed them. I am very happy to say he will be attending Wallington Boys school this September- 2013. I found Joyce to be very honest about how much Aidan needed to cover and very encouraging. I only wish I'd signed him up earlier. I have already recommended the Educational resources tuition center to other parents since the tests . Many thanks.

Mrs A Critchley

I would thoroughly recommend Educational Resources to any parent looking for a tutor for the grammar school entrance exams. Joyce is highly experienced and understands the requirements for each school. She will give you an honest assessment of your child's level and what it would take to reach the required level. The tuition is structured and tailored and she is available to you as a parent to discuss progress. Your child needs to work hard - but you do receive value for money. As we live outside Sutton, my daughter needed to score highly in the tests. She has obtained a place for September 2011 at Nonsuch, our first choice school. We are delighted and are grateful to Joyce and grateful to the parents who recommended her to us. Our daughter is bright but is unlikely to have made the cut without such excellent tuition.-

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Joyce Morrison and the Educational Resources came very highly recommended. If you are looking for a tutor that is highly experience and achieves excellent results time and time again, then this is it. The children learn that they can do well through hard work. Their strengths are rewarded, and their weaknesses turned into strengths. The resource centre encourages a strong partnership between the tutor and parent. It also allows you to monitor closely the progress of your child as you work with them at home. There are many opportunities to discuss your child’s progress and to highlight any areas of concern. I would highly recommend Educational Resources, it is a supportive nurturing centre that challenges and brings the best out of our children.

Dr and Mrs Riley

My daughter received excellent tuition which enable her to develop confidence and improved drastically in areas where she was weak. Against all odds, my daughter went on to pass her 11+ exams and is now in Wallington High School for Girls. I will highly recommend Educational Resources for private tuition.

Mrs O Saka

>>I highly recommend Joyce who helped my child get to where she is now. Her method of teaching was extremely professional no matter what subject she taught. We will always be grateful.

Mrs D Chaudhri

Our daughter took two exams (she passed both) and got accepted into her first choice grammar school. She was one of only 3 people who passed in her primary school. The support given was good. I would definitely recommend you to tutor others.

Mr & Mrs Jahans

 Our daughter needed to pass highly as we live just outside Wallington's "zone", she did succeed & this was due to Joyce taking her well beyond the entrance requirements. She went into the entrance exam confident in her ability to do her very best. I would be very surprised if there's an equivalent organisation which recognises how fiercely competitive the entrance examinations now are for grammar and independent schools, & their pass rate achievement reflects their ability to prepare the children supremely well. Our experience suggests that Educational Resources is the best investment you can make for your child's education.

Andy Evans

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