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KS3 & KS4 Terms & Conditions


One week's (non-refundable or transferable) deposit plus the remaining month's fee is payable by the start date. Parents paying cash must make payment at the start of the lesson - not at the end. If you are sending your child with someone else, please send the fee with them.


The tuition fee is payable by the 1st of each month by standing order or cash. We do not accept cheques. After registration, one weeks’ notice is requested to terminate tuition Tutors will also give 4 week’s notice if they are unable to continue lessons.


Children are organised in ability groups. Should your child fall below his/her group target, your child may need to transfer to a lower group or 1:1 (if available). Children joining classes (in any group) mid-term may need to attend catch-up lessons on a 1:1 basis and or during half term.


Tuition runs for 50 weeks a year: two weeks off at Christmas. Please note that the time allocated to students cannot be given to another student. Therefore, all missed lessons are charged. Missed work will be emailed or posted to parents. Some children may need additional class(es) to understand the missed lesson. This may need to be done in booster sessions or 1:1 lessons. Lessons may have to be suspended if too many classes are missed.

We understand (and expect) that you may take a summer holiday so will work around your child's time away. You are responsible for arranging 1:1 or catch up lessons if your child is away.


At Tuition Tutors, we strive to help each child reach their full potential. We recognise that teaching styles and methods vary. Should you feel that you wish to pursue a different tuition option after the registration period, please let use know. Any outstanding fees will be returned within 4 weeks.

We may terminate tuition if:

a. Behaviour is disruptive or rude.

b. There is a conflict with our recommendations for your child.

c. Your child falls below their group level and cannot make up session (on 1:1) or you do not wish for him/her to move to a lower group.


In addition to photocopied materials, (some remain the property of Educational Resources) and books, you will be required to purchase relevant book and papers as recommended by us at the appropriate time. It is our policy not to recommend books and papers for lessons your child is not being tutored in. If you decide to work on books and papers not recommended by the tutor, help can only be given when a separate 1:1 session is booked. Tutors will not enter in communication about 11+ materials whilst children are in group 2 or group 3.


Homework will be given each week via a diary. The diary may be used for communication between yourself and the tutor. Children are expected to complete homework (some of which may need to be marked by you) before each session. Failure to do so may result in exclusion from group lessons until they catch up.


Academic feedback is given to parents as and when tutors need to draw your attention to a matter. It is not practical for parents with children in group sessions to speak to the tutor weekly. Formal assessments are done once a term. Parents are advised of their child's progress.


Children are formally assessed toward the end of each term. The result will determine if children move up group, stay where they are or move down. Teacher assessment is ongoing. Children may be directed to change groups earlier if tutors deem it necessary.


Your child will need (and should bring to every class) the following items:

a. A notebook (homework diary) to record homework.

b. A ring binder and 10 dividers that can be written on for the binder for each subject or a large one for both subjects.

c. 4+ highlighters

d. 2 pencils

e. Rubber

f. Rule

g. Pens (red, blue, green)


Please note the day and time of each year group. Children will be expected to change class in the appropriate year.


While we are sure that all children will make progress, tutors cannot guarantee the outcome of any tests taken as the result of tuition given. We cannot guarantee that your child will pass and or gain entrance to a grammar/independent school as a result of tuition.

13. We reserve the right to amend our terms and conditions.

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