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Online Reading

Online Reading - Online Success

(group sessions)

Open Book online reading is designed to help children read or help independent readers explore texts in order to develop comprehension skills. 

At the age of three and a half, my son had few words in his vocabulary and was slow in speech. To aid in his development, I decided to put my teaching experience to the test. What I discovered was mind-blowing: by the age of 4, my son had a reading age of 7+ years and his speech was no longer a problem.

Over the past 20 years of running an educational resource shop, a tuition agency, and a tuition centre, I have helped children blossom into confident readers.

Online Reding Sessions are aimed at children from pre-school to age 11.


4 Wednesdays Monthly

25 minutes for a monthly session

£20 monthly

from 4:00pm to 4:25pm

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