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The tuition fee is £20 per hour. However, fees are standardise over 50 weeks and paid on a monthly basis.

A week's security deposit is paid per class to register. This fee is deducted from the child's final lesson.

1 hour per week monthly standardised fee is £83

2 hours per week monthly standardised fee is £166

After initial payment, the tuition fee is payable on the 1st of each month by standing order. 

Fees are payable even if a student is absent. Homework will be sent home and as far as it is possible, a date will be given for the missed class.

Following the first month's non refundable or transferable fee, a weeks’ notice is requested to terminate tuition or your deposit will be used in lieu of notice. 

Group fees are standardised to cover 50 weeks a year. Each month, regardless of the number of weeks tuition, the same monthly group fee is paid. 

Should your child not complete each 3 month cycle, fees will be calculated using the hourly £20 rate. Likewise, when a full month is not taken, fees are also worked out at the hourly rate.