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3 unique Mocks for 11+ Preparation

Alpha Mock


for years 3,4,5

Alpha Mock Assessment

gives an indication of your child's 11+ potential.

An early understanding of children's academic status can help parents decide how much support is needed to reach 11+ targets.

Alpha Mock is an ideal first assessment. It can be taken once, twice or three time a year (as often as parents wish) to help track progress.

It is available from September to August - twelve months of the year and should reveal how close or far from 11+ targets your child is.

Alpha Mock Assessment with results breakdown ...

1. Your child's Maths level.

2. Your child's Reading age.

Core Mock


for year 5

Core Mock Tests

are designed to test maths and english topics

Each core maths mock paper is organised in 5 topic strand at varying levels of difficulty. Children's results should reveal what is known at the time of taking the mock test, enabling parents to adjust how to help.

The literacy mock paper is organised in 4 area (Comprehension, Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar) as is currently given in the Part 1 real exam.

Core Mock is an early test for year 5 children and is available from January to April giving ample time for parents to work on areas in maths and literacy that need improving.

In additions to the results, parents may (for a £10 per paper fee) request the Core Mock Test papers.

Core Mock Test with result and paper back option ...

1. Maths strands and level achieved

2. Literacy: comprehension & SPaG

Options 11+ Mock


for year 5

Options 11+ Mock Exam

are tried and tested mocks for over 10 years.

Part 1 Selectability Mock Exam


Part 2 Schools' Mock Exam

Are an ideal opportunity to help children get familiar with 11+ mock exams as well as the experience of sitting a test in exam conditions. We adapt our tests to match current trends.

Option 11+ Mocks is only for year 5 children. The mock exams are available from May to August. Children should sit the part 1 multiply choice paper followed by part 2 standard.

To maintain authentic results, these papers are not released. to maintain anonymity, result are posted using candidate number.

Option 11+ Mock Exam different for each school

1. Part 1 Mock: M/C Numeracy & Literacy

2. Part 2 Mock: Standard Maths & English

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